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Alain Pellier and Romain Gandon leave London’s trading floors to establish TRADING CENTRAL in Paris in 1999.

Since then, the research house has seen rapid development and continuous growth. 

In 2000, Anvar (French government agency for research promotion) awarded its innovative company label to TRADING CENTRAL for the quality of its proprietary research models. TRADING CENTRAL’s Added Value was quickly recognized by the best in the business ─ today more than 200 financial institutions in 45 countries trust TRADING CENTRAL.

In 2002, TRADING CENTRAL’s world conquest is launched with the opening of its first international branch in the City London, in order to market its institutional offerings. In 2006, the Group opens a second international branch in New York City to better serve US and South American clients. In 2010, TRADING CENTRAL establishes a third international branch in Hong Kong, where the Firm deploys Asia-Pacific specific services.

Innovation is a constant feature: thanks to its presence on three continents and in four of the world’s main financial centers, since 2011 TRADING CENTRAL has been providing the first truly 24 hour Technical Analysis coverage of the forex market. Its expertise is also recognized by its peers, who each year name TRADING CENTRAL among the best Technical Analysis providers in the world.

1999: TRADING CENTRAL is founded and the website is launched
2000: TRADING CENTRAL launches its first digital content offerings for online brokers & banks 
2001: GURU feed launches on Bloomberg and Reuters market data terminals
2002: London branch opens
2003: MarketBeat feed Launches on Dow Jones Newswires
2006: New York City branch opens
2010: Hong Kong branch opens
2014 (December): Acquisition of Recognia